Why online grocery shopping is better?

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Why online grocery shopping is better?

Though there are many who have shifted to this medium, there is still some hesitation in buying groceries online which is why it is important to bring out its( online shopping ) benefits over the traditional way of buying groceries in the right manner:

Benefits of buying groceries online
Huge Variety

Clearly, the variety available at the local stores is lesser because of space constraints but when it comes to online business, variety and the no. of products supersede in comparison to that of the traditional shopping experience.

Home Delivery

The effort of carrying heavy bags from the store is definitely not a part of this smart shopping choice. With the young, old are also becoming used to the technology and therefore, without worrying about anything, they too can shop from the comfort of their couch.

Better Prices

There are invisible Indirect Savings as well when one shops online like saving petrol cost to supermarkets, parking ticket cost, carry bags cost, the food you eat at the Mall etc.These are the indirect costs which people tend to ignore but this amounts to huge savings.

Time Saving

This procedure not only vouches for saving money but also time. Instead of wasting time stuck in traffic, in long billing queues in the supermarket, parking headaches etc.,one can choose to stay at home and opt for an easy checkout, saving a whole lot of time for something productive.

24X7 Shopping

Anyone can place an order at any time. Odd hours, Sundays etc. don’t matter because here, one has easy access to the whole supermarket day and night.One click and the supermarket would appear on the screen. This benefit allows shopping when one is free and therefore does not have to rush to the store before it closes.

Clean Shopping

Shopping carts in the supermarkets for sure carries germs and infections because of it being driven by numerous hands from time to time.But the cart one would stuff while shopping online is germ-free which nullifies the risk of diseases and welcomes healthy lifestyle.

Easier to find

Though virtual supermarkets claim to have a higher variety of products, it is still easier to find products by searching it on the app or website and check their availability instead of roaming around in the aisles of huge shops looking for the product eventually tiring oneself.

No impulse buys

Small Kids with their ever-growing demands is one of the other headaches people have to face but here, no such problem occurs.

Not tiring or boring

In a survey, it was concluded that men get bored of grocery shopping within 26 minutes. The process is not just boring but also tiresome for many women as well, resulting in frustration and irritation.But the virtual grocery shopping experience is quick and not at all tiring leaving plenty of energy to put in something better & productive.

Easy Returns and Replacement

Imagine you purchased a bag of rice from the mall’s supermarket & you found bugs in it – How would you get it replaced? Will you be willing to go back to the mall and fight for its replacement?No, right! But with online grocery, it’s just one tap away. It is their customer support and after-sales services which drive people towards this medium.


One generally buys the same set of products for daily requirements like 20 kg atta, 5-litre oil, 2 packets of salt etc. but buying them, again and again,every fortnight is a boring and tiring task and supermarkets also do not provide the option of repeating order. But reordering with online grocery shopping is very easy – one tap and it’s done.All the products of the previous order will automatically get in the cart on the buyer’s command, a few changes can also be made easily.

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